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  1. Gun Stock Training Video

    Gun Stock Training Video

    SKU #6001

    This informative video brings to life engraving techniques for the beginner. Comes with designs and borders to create beautiful works of art. Start by learning scrolls and layout techniques, then engrave practice plates until you are sure enough to actually proceed to designing a pattern, transferring it to a gun, and engraving it into the stock. A must for the serious engraver. Learn More
  2. Scrimshaw


    SKU #6055

    In this training video you will learn the trade secrets of transferring your design onto ivory, corion, and other scrimshaw surfaces. You will experience this unique art form for making gifts and jewelry. Pattern included. Learn More
  3. Basket Weave Carving Techniques

    Basket Weave Carving Techniques

    SKU #6053

    Introduces you to the unique and very popular basket weaving effect. Marilyn will guide you through the steps of carving on a gunstock to produce a one-of-a-kind and very functional grip. The basket weave is also very popular on fireplace mantle, metal surfaces, and wood plates. Pattern included. Learn More
  4. Ostrich Eggshell Carving Video

    Ostrich Eggshell Carving Video

    SKU #6050

    This video will guide you through the best techniques to carve ostrich shells. You will learn from the best on how to dimensionally carve, shape, design and even color an exotic bird on an ostrich shell. Even if you are not artistic you will produce beautiful carvings with the help of this video. Pattern included. Learn More
  5. Relief Cardinal Clock Training Video

    Relief Cardinal Clock Training Video

    SKU #6049

    This video teaches you how to relief carve a bird. The techniques that you will learn include proper feathering, shaping, outlining and unique coloring tips that will enhance your carvings to one-of-a-kind creations. Pattern Included. Learn More
  6. Cast Ivory Inlay Training Video

    Cast Ivory Inlay Training Video

    SKU #6048

    This video introduces you to the unique world of casting a resin inlay. The sample in this video is of a wolf inlayed into a wooden belt buckle. You will learn undercutting for securing the inlay, proper casting techniques, relief carving of the wolf's head, hair placement, muscle structure, and finishing techniques. Patterns and where to buy casting material are included. Learn More
  7. Relief Carving of an Elk Training Video

    Relief Carving of an Elk Training Video

    SKU #6047

    This will walk you through the techniques of outlining, positioning, muscle structure, hair definition, eye carving techniques, undercutting for dimension, proper depth, and many other trade secrets. Pattern Included. Learn More
  8. Cake Pan Engraving Video

    Cake Pan Engraving Video

    SKU #6030

    You will learn proper bit selection, stencil positioning along with promotional ideas. This is one of the hottest markets in the craft industry. Learn from the experts on how to tap into this market. Learn More
  9. Wedding Marketing Video

    Wedding Marketing Video

    SKU #6014

    This comprehensive video takes you through the profitable world of weddings. You will learn engraving techniques and marketing information needed to become successful in the wedding market. Learn More
  10. Egg Training Video

    Egg Training Video

    SKU #6003

    Get in on the new and growing business of egg engraving. A basics primer on this art form. Invaluable instruction in the fine art of egg engraving. You start with the basics and learn on goose eggs. Learn many "tricks of the trade". Use these skills on Rhea, Emu and Ostrich eggs. Learn More
  11. Emu Egg

    Emu Egg

    SKU #6056

    This video will take you step-by-step through the process of relief engraving on an Emu eggshell. This type of egg is fascinating - it has a multi-layered shell-the outside is dark green, the next layer is light aqua, then white underneath. This color combination allows unlimited opportunities for your designs to come alive! Pattern included. Learn More

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