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Diamonds & Carbide Bits

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  1. Diamond Football

    Diamond Football

    SKU #2003

    This bit is perfect for shading and sculpting all surfaces, including glass, wood, and eggshells. Learn More
  2. Pencil-Point Round End Diamond

    Pencil-Point Round End Diamond

    SKU #2004

    2004 is used for medium to super fine lines. The pencil-like point is very easy to control. Great for freehand drawing. Learn More
  3. Carbide (Cross Cut Flat End)

    Carbide (Cross Cut Flat End)

    SKU #2016

    One of the most versatile carbides of finest high speed steel. This bit can be used on wood, eggs, and metal. Popular for lettering, outlining designs, scroll designs and borders. The most popular bit for egg engraving. When using on eggs, use the very tip for fine detail. Learn More
  4. Carbide Pin Point

    Carbide Pin Point

    SKU #2018

    This bit is used for cutting, shaping, and fine detail on wood. Excellent for eggs, metal, bone, horn, and scrimshaw. Learn More
  5. Finish Point (Scrimshaw)

    Finish Point (Scrimshaw)

    SKU #2027

    Excellent for scrimshaw. Fine lines, wood, metal, bone and synthetic ivory. Learn More
  6. Round Diamond

    Round Diamond

    SKU #2002, 2017

    Starting at: $3.99

    Ideal for glass. 2001 and 2002 are great for fine detail. 2017 is used for wide or bold lines, it also works for shading. Learn More
  7. Round End Carbide

    Round End Carbide

    SKU #2008, 2009, 2010

    Starting at: $3.50

    Ideal for removal of wood. These tips offer great control and are smooth cutting for easy surface clean-up. Cuts clean-leaving a smooth surface. Also excellent for glass and metal engraving. Learn More

7 Item(s)

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